Social media has become the number 1 way for us to connect with each other. From one side of the world straight to the other. But today we focus on local is lekker

and when I was thinking of this post, one thing came to mind: women empowering women, so I immediately thought about the women that have empowered me, and I can’t wait to introduce them to you!

These are 7 women who have impacted my life personally in no particular order.

1. Fit Like Mummy, Natasha Kisten

With her slogan as Fearlessly Authentic, Natasha inspires others to do the same. Her blog covers a wide variety of topics ranging from meal prep ideas to her travels.

Natasha is the queen of meal prep and her recipes are out of this world (or should I say out of this kitchen ????).

She also won the Best Blog of 2019 by the South African Parenting Blog Awards, and Her content is beneficial for the whole family. Her whole brand and lifestyle is about empowerment and using her voice for the good.

Count your blessings with gratitude no matter how small or big they are, and stop letting your lacks blindfold you from noticing how blessed that you are.”- Natasha

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2. Fitsta_bunny_za, Petra Ceronio

‘Let us love, support and motivate each other. That way, we’ll all be strong together’ – Petra Ceronio aka @fitsta_bunny_za .

Petra is the founder of the Fitstagram Squad, bringing so many like-minded ladies together to love, motivate and support each other. She has built such n amazing community where women come together, have fun and sweat together.

You’ll always find food inspirations, something to keep you motivated, the best adventures and the biggest smile!

Petra, the entire Fitstagram Squad is thankful for your dedication, thank you for always keeping us inspired.

“We all have resilience in us, we just have to dig deeper to grab hold of it sometimes. .”- Petra

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3. Fitnessgirl_za, Tracey-Lee

Tracey defines women empowerment. She covers a wide variety of topics, from fitness and health to her own transformation.

She is the real Body Positive Superhero, spreading love, kindness and a great message about loving your body through all seasons and changes. Tracey has inspired many people to love and be kind to themselves.

“Body acceptance necessitates that we begin embracing our bodies, flaws & all, & stop chasing external validation for our self worth. I have learned that my imperfections are imperfectly perfect. I have also learned that if you are uncomfortable with my body, that’s on you.”- Tracey-Lee

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4. Monique Fit, Monique Lopes

Scrunchies, burpees and getting sparkly are among many words describing online health and fitness coach, Monique Lopes.

Monique helps people reach their goals and aspirations by getting them sparkly and giving the yummiest recipes.

By creating the Monique Fit Movement, countless women have learned to love themselves and to be kind to their bodies. She is an inspiration to not only her Monique Fit Minions but to everyone else in this community

“One thing is for sure, you will make mistakes – plenty mistakes… YOU WILL learn from them – and that’s so valuable. So gorgeous human being, learn to forgive yourself, and do not continually hold onto these toxic emotions. I promise you, they will interfere with your mental state and actually put up a super strong barrier between you and your actual full potential that’s just waiting for you ☺️????… Learn to laugh when everything falls apart because sometimes it will. Self-forgiveness is a daily practice of the strong ????????.”-Monique

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5. Fit_bunz_official_, Annie Willson

Girl boss, Annie, started her business off as a Sports Nutrition and Exercise specialist. She specializes in Fat Loss, Weight Loss, Toning, Muscle Gain, and Body Transformations.

Annie has helped plenty of women worldwide achieve their different goals and she definitely enjoys every aspect of the journey with them.

But her aspirations and goals didn’t just stop there, Annie brought the first non-slip Booty Bandz to South Africa, and wow, do we enjoy them!

“Use yourself as motivation”-Annie

Fit Bunz Booty Bandz is a must-have in your gym bag collection!

Check them out: Instagram



6. Phindigetsfit, Phindile Nxumalo

Phindi is not only a supermom of two boys, but she also dedicates her time to help others achieve their goals the same way she did.

Phindi specializes in online coaching, meal plans, detox recipes and much more.(If you are ever in need of a smoothie recipe or detox recipes, she is the one to go to)

She is dedicated to achieving all the goals she has set for herself and she never fails to succeed.

“There’s nothing more motivating than a good workout outfit”- Phindile

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7. Msglutesx, Mell Theron

Mell is the newest and fast-rising South African Youtuber.

From changing to vegan to putting herself first, she is the ultimate boss babe. Helping countless people change their lifestyle for the better.

She covers topics from beauty, food to travel everywhere. Mell has recently done some lifestyle changes which has led her to become vegan, which has ultimately led me to do some research and do the same

Mell has helped me kickstart my fitness journey and I wouldn’t be writing this blog today if she hadn’t led me to believe in myself.
“Follow your heart but don’t let it mess with your head”- Mell
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